About me

Not much to say. I'm a middle-aged, happy, practicing secular buddhist. I learning to program in rust, and I'm also a senior at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. I'm studying Computer Science with a concentration on Intelligent Systems. I'm curious about Artifical Intelligence, and not worried if Terminator is going to be showing up. He's not!

I work in the financial industry full time to pay for school and my other pleasures: traveling, eating fancy food, drinking fancy beer, guzzling down some good whiskey, etc.

My goal with this website is to hopefully document the things that may interest others, and posts about things that I have learned. I'm also pretty nerdy so the odd pop culture reference may pop up.

One day I may have comments but don't count on it. If you don't like something I've posted feel free to drop me an email. I may post it here and respond versus responding automatically back via email. So, it is late and I'm tired so as they say on the nerdist:

"Enjoy your burrito!"